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31 December 2019
Bankera (BNK)
Investment Solutions

Launch services related to low-cost investment solutions such as ETFs, cryptocurrency and crypto token funds, and roboadvising in late 2019.

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Validation (48 Votes)


31 December 2019
Seele (SEELE)
Seele V2

Seele v2, next generation P2P network, million nodes, and deploy Million Nodes for IoT applications by end of Q4 2018.

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Validation (25 Votes)


31 December 2019
Iungo (ING)
B2B Partnerships

Business partnerships with legacy Enterprises and new DAOs. Expansion through integration/synergies with other Dapps.

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Validation (33 Votes)


31 December 2019
OpenST Protocol 0.11.0

OpenST protocol 0.11.0 BT-EX and BT-DEX framework released in Q4 2019.

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31 July 2020
Aegeus (AEG)
Decentralized Exchange

"AEG Decentralized Exchange AEGDX. The Core wallet will provide decentralized and anonymous exchange for AEG to Bitcoin/ETH."

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Validation (98 Votes)


31 December 2020
CampusCoin (CMPCO)
Campuscoin ATMs

Installation of CampusCoin ATMs will be available, allowing nearly instant, direct transfers between CampusCoin and fiat currency

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Validation (238 Votes)